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Carruth Cellars

Carruth Cellars is a California-style winery located in the city. Quality grapes are sourced from prime vineyards in Northern and Central California, transported by truck, then made with love and appreciation on the beach! Visit the Wine Garden in Little Italy or one of their urban wineries and tasting rooms in Solana Beach and Carlsbad! Wine tastings and wine by the glass and bottle are available seven days a week.

Carruth Cellars produces award-winning wine from California’s top appellations with love and appreciation. They ask you to join them in bringing Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles, Lake County, Mendocino, and Willamette to the beach. It’s known as “bringing grapes to the people.”

Their award-winning wine is prepared with LOVE and GRATITUDE for everyone who contributed to its success. They want to incorporate as many local, hard-working people as possible, from the vintners they have been buying fruit from for years to the bottling crew and bar personnel. In addition, some bottles are devoted to philanthropic causes, with a percentage of the revenues going to the cause. These are known as their “Pay it Forward” bottles, and you can find them on their store page.

They provide a unique opportunity to support locals while tasting outstanding wines from various places since they can source grapes from all over the West Coast. In addition, they want to provide a location where neighbors may get to know one another and form a sense of community. They can confidently state that wine is best enjoyed with friends, as seen by the Wine Club membership, which feels like a family and community partnership. Learn more about Carlsbad City

Carruth Cellars’ flagship Urban Winery and Tasting Room is situated in the Cedros Design District in Solana Beach. They also have a tasting room in Carlsbad Village, a Wine Garden in Little Italy, and a Tasting Room launching on April 1st at HANGAR76 in Oceanside!

The Technique

The first and most crucial phase in their winemaking process is to obtain the finest grapes they can; they concentrate their efforts on Northern California fruit. They are promptly put into temperature-controlled trucks and delivered to San Diego when the grapes are picked. They perform all of their winemaking (destemming, crushing, fermenting, maturing, and bottling) in the beachfront urban plant. The urban winery, tasting rooms, and wine garden are available to you seven days a week. Click for more

Reservations are not necessary or accepted at any of the venues. However, if you’re looking for a place to hold your next gathering, try one of their venues! For further information, call (858) 847-9463.