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Catching a glimpse of cockroaches in your home or business place can be very disturbing. They are associated with dirt and are known carriers of infectious diseases. Besides health risks, cockroaches
produce a foul odor that contaminates food and objects they come into contact with. They are difficult to keep down and can breed very quickly. A prompt response at the very first sign of an infestation is important to control cockroaches in your property and finish off the spread of this pest to your neighbors.

Cockroach Identification

  • Color – Cockroaches are usually reddish brown with a yellowish figure 8 pattern on the back of the head.
  • Size – Adults may range between 1 1/4” to 2 1/8” (32-54 mm) in length
  • Legs – They have 6 legs
  • Antennae – Yes
  • Shape – Oval
  • Region – American cockroaches are found worldwide
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Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are attracted to a particular type environment. Generally, that means warm, airless, and
dark. This makes cracks and holes the perfect hiding place for roaches. Cockroaches are not only
displeasing to the eye, but they are also a health concern; therefore, one must know what attracts
them. Food is the major attractant for cockroaches, and it does not matter even if it is human or pet

Unusual Odor

Cockroach odor is described as pungent, musty and oily. A single roach can only give away a faint smell. When you are able to smell them, and the odor is strong enough to notice, you already have a huge infestation. Now is no time to mess around! It is best to ask help from a professional exterminator immediately.


Cockroach droppings are usually found in areas where they often hide, and where they scavenge for food and water. Areas where you find more droppings only mean that there is high traffic of cockroaches and you should make note of this area.

Physical Sighting

Seeing them is a sure sign that you have roaches in your house. They are usually around at night since they are nocturnal. Start being more worried when you spot some even in the morning which means you have such a large infestation that some get pushed out of their nests.

Egg Capsules

Their egg capsules can be as long as 38 mm and they usually contain 10-20 eggs inside. All the more reason you need to get rid of live eggs when you spot one. You don’t want them to hatch.

Get in Touch With Us – Professional Cockroach Exterminator

A do-it-yourself pest extermination can be done, but if the infestation is severe, it is recommended to
call a professional. Our professional cockroach exterminators can locate the spots where the infestation
is the worse and will be able to effectively treat the entire roach infestation for an affordable and
reasonable rates. Our pest control service will make an important difference in how easily you are able
to eliminate the problem in the end. We highly recommend consulting with us first before trying to
conduct a do-it-your own pest extermination. Call us today for a FREE quote!


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