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Can Bed Bugs Be Removed With Heat?

Can Bed Bugs Be Removed With Heat?

The typical technique for getting rid of bed bug infestations is heat treatments. Be aware that ineffectively used heat treatments won’t get rid of bed bugs.

Exactly what do bedbugs do in the summer?

It could be difficult, but bed bug eradication is not impossible. If used often and sustained for a long time, high temperatures can eradicate bed bugs. Only when heated to a temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 90 minutes can bed bugs be destroyed. The only person who should try to raise the temperature to speed up bed insect death is a qualified specialist.

Is it possible to use heat to eradicate bed bugs in a home setting?

It makes sense to look for a quick fix for bed bugs, and many people start by looking into DIY alternatives. It’s usual practice to use electric space heaters, hair dryers, and other portable warmers to get rid of bed bugs. But how trustworthy are the outcomes you would anticipate using these DIY methods?

Here are some considerations to keep in mind if you wish to exterminate bed bugs on your own to save money:

  • You cannot rely on pesticides, chemical sprays, or even heat to completely eradicate a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs may hide in almost any crack or crevice due to their small size. They are able to get inside your house through cracks in the walls, seams, and even the box spring. If you don’t secure and lock every exit and keep an eye on them, they can flee and come back.
  • Determining your heat source’s exact temperature may be challenging depending on its characteristics. While utilizing a typical space heater, it could be challenging to determine when the temperature is too high. The heat generated by your phone could cause a fire or harm other objects that cannot endure high temperatures.
  • Bed bugs can be killed by drying linens and other items that contain bed bugs. The temperature required to eradicate bed bugs should be well below that of any functional item. The amount of laundry that a typical dryer can dry at once is limited. However, if you quickly dry anything that can be dried in a dryer after a trip, you can reduce the possibility of bringing bed bugs home with you. This is a fantastic bed bug prevention method, but it won’t work if you already have an infestation.

Additional Bed Bug Elimination Techniques


To get rid of any leftover bed bugs, a structure is fumigated by spraying it liberally with chemicals that are extremely concentrated. Not all pest control firms perform fumigations, which should only be done by certified professionals. We are lucky to have experts who are knowledgeable in a range of bed bug eradication methods, including tape-and-seal fumigations, covered fumigations, and more.


Certain liquid treatments are effective against bed bugs. However, this approach is frequently combined with other forms of treatment. A competent pest inspector can advise you on whether this treatment should be included in your bed bug elimination strategy.


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