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Bed Bugs: Management & Treatment

We are very skilled in the treatment of and elimination of bed bugs in your home or place of business. We will treat and get rid of your bed insect infestation using only procedures that have been shown to be effective. 

After the treatment, we check the outcomes with a K9 inspection to ensure that the area we treated is clear of bed bugs. This gives us peace of mind that the area was well treated. As is the case with termites, the only way to assess whether or not you really have an issue with bed bugs and what steps need to be taken to treat and manage them is to do an examination that is exhaustive and exhaustive.

Contact us as soon as possible for any information or to arrange a time for a bed bug treatment.

Seeing Red

As is the case with other types of insects, bug bites can appear on the skin as red, welt-like bumps. They have the potential to cause a wide range of complications, including allergic reactions, skin infections, mental distress, and even anaphylactic shock, although the latter is an extremely uncommon complication. 

However, one of the most fascinating and concerning aspects of bed bug bites is the fact that the harm they do is often neither seen nor felt until a considerable amount of time after it has already been done. This is due to the fact that bed bugs will first provide anesthesia to you before hungrily sucking your blood out of your body.

Additional Clues

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to see, which is why having an in-depth understanding of their habits and appearance may be critical to finding them as quickly as possible. Bed bugs are able to get into your house from almost any opening due to their flat bodies and small size—about the same as an apple seed. Bed bugs are drawn to warm, dark areas that are close to human hosts. 

Although they are most often found in mattresses, they may also be found in other furniture, clothes, carpets, and a wide variety of other locations. In addition to this, they can survive for almost a whole year in a house as long as the temperature is kept at a normal level and there is a sufficient supply of food. When you combine this with the fact that bed bugs may completely infest a home in as little as three to four months, it’s easy to see how the problem can quickly spiral out of control. Other aspects to take into consideration include the following:

Defense & Treatment

As they say in sports, sometimes the greatest defense is a powerful offense, so make the steps that are required to keep bed bugs out of your home as much as possible. This will ensure that you have the highest chance of success. First, do routine checks of it, particularly after returning from trips or after visitors have left your house. The same rule applies to your furniture; make it a habit to check it on a regular basis, particularly any used items that you could bring into your house. Even while the cleanliness of a house has absolutely nothing to do with the likelihood of a bed bug infestation, it is still a good idea to declutter your space, even if the only benefit is that it leaves the bugs with fewer places to hide.

When it comes to therapy, your best choice is to seek treatment from a trained specialist. Having said that, choose carefully since there is significant variation in the effectiveness of various expert therapies. Heat treatments, for instance, are used by a great number of specialists in the field of pest management; however, in most cases, they are only employed as a technique of contact killing, which means that they only kill the bed bugs that are visible and not the complete infestation.

Get in touch with us right away to set up an appointment for an in-depth bed bug inspection at your house. The choice of the treatment procedure that is eventually going to be most effective for your circumstance will, of course, be fully determined by the breadth of your circumstance. We are a pest treatment company that serves the Central Valley, and we are only a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns.

CalPest Tech Tips

It is important to take precautions while traveling since bed bugs have been discovered in hotels and motels around the nation of varying quality.


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