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Does Termite Damage Fall Under Homeowners Insurance?

Buying a property is a substantial investment that has to be safeguarded. After fires, floods, and other natural catastrophes, homeowners insurance companies will assist in paying for necessary repairs. But do termites go under home insurance?

We’ll look at whether termite damage is covered by homeowners insurance, why it is, and additional measures you can take to defend your house from these obnoxious creatures below.

Are termite damages covered by homeowners insurance?

Generally speaking, termite damage is not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Homeowners insurance is designed to assist in covering the cost of repairs following unforeseen natural disasters like lightning, hail, hurricanes, and fire. Because the hazards associated with a home might vary depending on its location or construction, many insurance policies demand that homeowners acquire supplemental policies to cover damages from earthquakes and floods.

After a termite infestation damages a home, repairs may be covered by a homeowners insurance policy. This, however, only takes place if a covered event, such as a fire, also damages the concerned dwelling.

Why do termites not fall under homeowners insurance?

Because they were unavoidable or inadvertent, home insurance companies often provide financial protection against these unforeseen, sudden tragedies. The damage to the residence caused by a “covered peril” or an “act of God” like lightning was unaffected by the homeowner’s decisions. However, the majority of insurance companies believe that termite damage is avoidable.

Before producing swarmers that inhabit and harm your property, a termite colony may take three to five years to achieve maturity. Insurance companies view prevention as the homeowner’s responsibility because termites may be found and eliminated before doing serious damage to the home.

Common Termite Warning Signs

The easiest method to avoid costly property damage is to keep an eye out for bug symptoms around the house. Although termites are most frequently found beneath in the United States, symptoms of termites intruding on your property are simple to identify.

You might notice mud tubes created around your foundation or exposed lumber when termites emerge from their underground nest and begin to investigate your property. Periodically, termites may swarm, land, and possibly drop their wings on windowsills and other areas of the house. Termites are likely present in the house if the wood is weakened, cracking, or hollow.

Regularly inspect your home’s perimeter to notice any signs of termite activity before they cause too much harm.

What to Do if You Think Termites Are Present

Call an exterminator to arrange a termite examination as soon as you notice termites or symptoms of termite damage in your house. Early discovery is essential to avoiding costly house damage.

For a small portion of the expense of repairing termite damage, Carlsbad Pest Control’s licensed technicians may inspect your house for termite damage and create a barrier against further infestations.


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