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Four Signs That Bed Bugs Are Infesting Your Home

Some of the most repulsive pests are bed bugs. Since they are natural travelers, they may also readily spread via clothes and baggage to new residences, workplaces, hotels, flights, and even retail establishments. To help you know when to contact the professionals at Carlsbad Pest Control for bed bug control, we’ll go through the warning indications that bed bugs are infesting your house in this blog.

Signs to look for:

  • Your arms and legs will have large bed bites.
  • Your bed linens and mattress have a few little black spots.
  • Exoskeletons or eggs of bed bugs near your bed.
  • You may get bed bug alerts from active monitors.

Inspections for bed bugs are free in the California metro region. Contact our staff right now to get started.

4 symptoms that your house is infested with bed bugs

contact our team if you see any of these bed bug indicators in your home.

1.Bed bug bitesUndoubtedly, this is the most typical approach for folks to discover they have bed bugs. These insects are bloodsuckers that often live in your bed since it gives them quick access to blood late at night.

Since bed bug bites don’t hurt, you often only feel or see the markings the next morning. However, bed bug saliva triggers an allergic response on your skin, resulting in painful, red welts where the bites were.

The issue arises for many homeowners when they attempt to distinguish bed bug bites from mosquito bites. Keeping a record of the times and places you were bitten is one approach to proceed. You should contact Carlsbad Pest Control if the bulk of your bites occurs on the hands and feet, which are popular bed bug targets.

2. Bed bug defecation

This is a useful method to distinguish bed bugs from other causes of insect bites, so we’ll try not to creep you out. Lift your mattress and give it, as well as the box spring, a thorough inspection. You could see bed bugs, or you might see their droppings. Reddish-brown streaks are the droppings of bed bugs. (The picture below shows how they appear.)

Yes, this is rather repulsive. Additionally, knowing what to look for while inspecting might be challenging. We recommend contacting Carlsbad Pest Control for a free bed bug examination to soothe your worries.

3. Exoskeletons and eggs

Bed bugs shed skin. Therefore, bed bugs are present if you discover an exoskeleton next to a bed frame or mattress. Exoskeletons are often discovered in picture frames, outlets, and dresser drawers. Where they molt, they often hide in cracks. Be vigilant about bed bug eggs, which are generally 1 mm in size and white.

4. Active monitors

Another method of determining the existence of bed bugs is to use an active monitor that employs carbon monoxide or chemical lures. These monitors help you figure out if you have bed bugs. However, they also cost much more than contacting us for a free bed insect examination.

Call Carlsbad Pest Control to schedule your free bed bug inspection.

Our pest control specialists thoroughly search your house to check for bed bugs using sophisticated equipment and years of expertise. If you do, our experts can assist you in getting rid of the infestation entirely. Chemicals purchased from the store won’t work. If you had an expert, that would be beneficial. On your side when it comes to bed bugs.

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