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Where to Get Rodent & Mice Elimination Services | Carlsbad Pest Control

Where to Get Rodent & Mice Elimination Services

There is a kind of rodent known as mice that can be discovered infesting homes in Orange County, the Inland Empire, and San Diego County. This is because mice need food, water, and a safe place to nest to survive. If there has been a big shift in the weather, they will often begin to invade homes. In addition, they are common in homes that have just been built or in homes situated close to large open spaces. 

Mice are similar to rats in that they are scavengers that have evolved to thrive off the waste products that people create. Rats and mice both eat food that humans throw away. Mice are far more diminutive than rats, so that they can pass through much smaller openings. They often leave behind oil tracks in their wake because of the dragging caused by their bellies and tails.

Infestations of mice may often be accompanied by the presence of other pests that are just as unwelcome, such as fleas, mites, and bed bugs. The feces and urine that they leave behind may also pose a health risk since they have the potential to spread diseases like the Hantavirus and the plague. The reproduction rate of mice is really high. 

The gestation period for mice is just a few weeks long, and a single female mouse may have up to 200 offspring in a single year. This means that mice have a very high reproductive rate. They will chew through wires, insulation, boxes, drywall, and a broad variety of other typical household components that may be found in attics, garages, and sheds in order to create their nests. Additionally, they will do this in order to get food.

Rodent Control & Removal

How to get rid of mice. We will start the process of getting rid of mice by sending an experienced expert who is both state-licensed and competent to carry out an examination of your property. This will be the first step in the procedure. During the course of this examination, the technician will determine the extent of the infestation as well as its specific location. 

After we have identified the source of the infestation, we will craft a treatment plan that is suited to your unique needs and will take into account any budgetary limits you may have. We use a range of techniques, including baits, glue boards, traps, and exclusion services, in order to get rid of mice. The baits and the traps will be placed in areas that are out of reach of both children and pets. 

These sites will be chosen carefully. Following the first treatment, we recommend beginning a treatment routine on a regular basis in order to prevent mice from returning throughout the course of the whole year. We provide ongoing services for the management of rodents on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis, with the choice of frequency-dependent on the size of your property, the severity of the infestation, and the amount of your financial allocation. Please let us know if you see any mice in the time between the regularly scheduled treatments. If you do, we will return at no extra charge to eradicate the infestation.

Area Sanitzation

After the debris has been cleared away, the area will be cleaned in order to remove any potentially dangerous substances that may still be present within the structure. When unwanted insects are able to gain access to the interior areas of a structure, such as an attic, the ceiling, or the walls, they frequently leave behind feces, droppings, urine, nesting material, birthing material, and other forms of excrement, in addition to ectoparasites and pathogens. 

This is especially common when the insects are able to birth their young in the nesting material. It is imperative that these contaminations, in addition to the filthy insulation, be removed so that there is no possibility of illness or infection being passed on to the renters. Following the removal of any contaminants and soiled insulation from the area, the following step will be to clean it, get rid of any smells, and then finally install new insulation so that the area is completely restored.

Exclusions & Adjustments

In addition to exterminating rats from houses, Carlsbad Pest Control provides its customers with access to an extensive group of professionals that are well-versed in the art of home repair. The process of repairing any damage that may have been created may begin after the rats that were causing the problem have been exterminated and the places that were impacted have been cleansed. 

Your expert will investigate your property and locate all of the entryways that the rats are using to enter your house. We are going to patch up all of the fractures, gaps, and fissures that we locate so that mice will not be able to access the structure in the future. The HVAC ductwork and any other damage that has been sustained by your building will also be fixed by our specialists, in addition to the damaged insulation and wiring that our experts will also fix.


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