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Pigeon Pest Control

Pigeons are monogamous and lay anything from one to two eggs, hatching around eighteen days after the pigeon has laid the eggs. Pigeons can produce young only during the mating season. Pigeons will maintain the same pair bond throughout their whole lives. Pigeon milk is fed to young pigeons and made from food that male and female pigeons have regurgitated. Pigeons can only generate pigeon milk while they are pregnant or nursing. Pigeons only can create pigeon milk when they are carrying young. Although mating may happen at any time of the year, the spring and autumn seasons are often the periods when it happens the most frequently.

Humane Pigeon Removal & Abatement

In order for the Carlsbad Pest Control professionals to be effective, the pigeon colony must be entirely eliminated from the region. As a result, they use a number of humane exclusion procedures. The roosting and nesting locations are rendered unsuitable by our highly experienced personnel so that animals would steer clear of them. Additional measures that will be beneficial include the building of sloping resting spaces, the cutting off of access to voids, and the employment of devices to prevent landing. 

All of these will be helpful. It is not recommended that you make use of scare balloons, plastic birds, or plastic snakes since, for the most part, these items are ineffective other than for a very little period of time. On the other hand, their usefulness could only be limited to a short length of time. Pigeons should be stopped from having access to any food or drink that is left standing since this is yet another essential preventive measure. 

Pigeons are attracted to food and drink left out in the open. Under no circumstances is it allowed to feed pigeons in an area that has a commercial purpose. This includes any and all public spaces. An expert member of the Carlsbad Pest Control team will evaluate the infestation and provide treatment solutions that are tailored to both your specific requirements and the constraints of your financial plan. In addition, Carlsbad Pest Control provides services for cleaning and restoring areas that have been damaged by pigeons or other types of birds. A maintenance program has to be carried out once every 2 – 3 months for better results. 

A Few Quick Remarks Regarding the Manner in Which Pigeons Carry


Pigeons, like many other bird species, rely on humans for both food and shelter. Nearby grain elevators, feed mills, and storage facilities are common sights in agricultural neighborhoods. They are commonly located in close proximity to man-made structures such as parks, buildings, bridges, and the like in urban areas. Particularly true of highly populated areas.


Pigeons are dirty birds that pose a health risk and can inflict property damage. Their waste is notorious for accelerating the deterioration of historic structures and monuments and for increasing the risk of mishaps involving human beings. This is because it boosts the number of bacteria in the environment, leading to the above result. Pigeons are known to be carriers of various illnesses, the most lethal of which include cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and food poisoning. Pigeon droppings are a source of contamination in food. 


Property owners are responsible for making sites that birds of prey and other animals use for breeding and roosting less appealing to those species. As a kind of assistance, we will block off access to voids, provide resting zones with slopes, and use technology that prevents landing. It is very uncommon for scare balloons, plastic birds, or plastic snakes to be successful for more than a very limited length of time. These items are often only effective for a few seconds at a time. Do not leave any food or drink out where pigeons might find it since this gives them access to a potential source of food and water. It violates the law to provide food or water to pigeons in a public or commercial setting.


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